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Presenting Into Results


Easy-to-learn key presentation techniques to get your message across

How do I make complex information simple? How do I connect with my audience? How can I help them see what I say?

This 3-day seminar has been tailor-made for management – those who need to perfect the skill and the language quickly and effectively. It offers everything you need to make your presentations more effective and to significantly improve the chances of getting the green light for your project, winning a major order or securing that sale. The working language is English and good to very good English language knowledge is required.


Over the course of the three days you will:

  1. Gain self-confidence and learn to structure presentations clearly and concisely
  2. Learn to let your body do (some of) the talking – body language and gestures
  3. Communicate more convincingly – and adopt useful phrases and structures
  4. Acquire tools to analyse your audience; deliver the message they want to hear
  5. Manage question and answer sessions effectively


This seminar focuses on preparing, staging and delivering effective presentations in English. We will examine the professional use of body language and vocal elements, analyse the target group and structure the presentation effectively by working through the following key elements:

  • Preparation: yourself, your topic, your audience
  • Structure: every good presentation requires a clear structure and goal
  • To the point: avoid waffling and beating around the bush
  • Next steps: what the audience should do with the information you give them
  • Making PowerPoint shows effective

Methodology: Video analysis (each person receives his/her own SD Card), group discussions, peer and trainer feedback, workshop simulations and up to 7 presentations per participant during the two days. Full reference materials are provided to participants. An ideal opportunity to prepare for an up-coming presentation as you will be using your ideas to shape a presentation during the course of the seminar.

Your benefits from this seminar: Let your body talk: Increase your confidence and structure your presentation clearly and concisely. This seminar focuses on a systems approach to presentation structure and reduces the barriers while improving your English in business presentation situations.

Length: 3 days (Short version: 2 days), 9:00–17:30

Participants: maximum 8

Available in German as well

There is a wonderful presenter in each us, just waiting to come out! It’s just a matter of learning the right tools.

Charlie LaFond