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Make your meetings and discussions effective and concise.

This 2-day seminar brings together the key themes relevant to effective communication in meetings, negotiations and discussions and is based on a practice-oriented approach.

Communicating into Results highlights five key areas in communication for business:

  1. Key personal development skills which influence communication
  2. Organizing and chairing meetings effectively
  3. Communication in theory and practice
  4. Dealing with questions and objections
  5. Introduction to negotiation basics 

This program focuses on the most important skills necessary to plan, prepare and negotiate successfully:

  • What kind of communicator do you want to be? – Analyze and critique your personal communication paradigms and recognize how your attitude influences your message.
  • Relationships do count! – Your behavior influences how you interact in meetings and discussions. Are you really aware of the messages you’re sending? Video analysis and group feedback helps cement in the learning skills.
  • Communication theory – A brief overview of key communication concepts as put forward by Watzlawick, Schluz von Thun and the Johari window
  • Convincing argumentation – Techniques and analysis to give them what they want – but on your terms along with tips and tricks for the non-native English speaker along with useful phrases and structures.
  • Principled negotiating summarized – Recognize the five phases of principled negotiating and how to move effectively through a negotiation.

Methodology: Group discussions, peer and trainer feedback, workshop simulations, video analysis and numerous simulations offer ample learning opportunities to practice and perfect the key points during the two days. The tasks before, during and after the meeting are closely analyzed after the simulations in both video and personal feedback.

Your benefits from this seminar: You’ll recognize the importance of proper relationship building in the communication process, which will lead to better understanding, commitment and long-term working relationships. These concepts will allow you to get your clients under control, rather than being controlled by the client.

LENGTH: 2 days, 9:00–17:30

PARTICIPANTS: max. 10 participants 

The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.

Anthony Robbins