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“Every person has genius locked up within them; what we have to do is bring it to the surface.”

Bob Proctor

This breakthrough program provides the specific tools and step-by-step strategies needed to replace fear of the unknown with a success mindset and action steps for finding opportunities in the changing economy.

Unlock The True Potential Of Your Employees

"Companies have historically left their greatest resource largely untapped. That resource is the intelligence, the initiative, the productive power latent in every individual." James Lincoln

Designed as a program that can easily be condensed or expanded based on your organization's needs, Thinking Into Results is a powerful educational program supported by DVDs, Individual and Team Worksheets, Group Discussions, and more that reveals how to master the mind and gain abundant professional and personal success.

Your Facilitator, Charlie LaFond, is a certified LifeSuccess Corporate Facilitator and ensures that this program makes a difference and produces results for an exceptional return on investment for your organization.

Its interactive and proven curriculum includes modules like:

  • Defining and achieving goals - if you know how to reach the goal, then it probably isn't the right goal
  • Understanding the difference between what you know and what you do - just knowing something doesn't get results; you must change the behavior to change results.
  • How to use your mind to get what you want - learn secrets to unlock its deepest potential.
  • Identify and avoid toxic landmines that sabotage your thinking.
  • The magic of attitude - you must give energy to get energy back. It starts with you.
  • How to stop those around you from controlling what you think - with tools to reprogram participants to think great thoughts about themselves, their family, their job and the company they work for.

Methodology: Individual study, group discussions, peer and trainer feedback, case studies and numerous exercises offer ample learning opportunities to practice and perfect the key points.

Your benefits from this Program: The Thinking Into Results Program is an extremely effective program for individuals who are truly interested in personal and progressive growth:

  1. Draw the most out of people, the leader's biggest untapped resource.
  2. Close the gap between knowing and doing
  3. Create more meaningful and purpose-driven lives
  4. Dramatically improve results, organizational culture and customer loyalty.

Since the training is in English, you’ll also have plenty of opportunity to think and speak in English.

LENGTH: 1.5 hours per week over 6 weeks or in seminar format over one day

PARTICIPANTS: max. 15 participants

OPEN SEMINAR: Unlock Your Potential - Embrace your inner disruptor

13 May 2019 - WIFI Management Forum, Wien

What lies before you and what lies behind you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you.

Ralph Waldo Emerson