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Negotiating Into Results


Always be prepared to negotiate...

To negotiate effectively and successfully is one of the biggest challenges you face in business!

…but never negotiate without being prepared!

Do you have the know-how and experience?

Negotiating Into Results

This program is based on a tripartite foundation:

  1. The problem-solving “win-win” concept by Harvard University
  2. 5-Phase approach to carrying out a negotiation
  3. Key personal development skills for creating your results

This program focuses on the most important skills necessary to plan, prepare and negotiate successfully:

  • What kind of Negotiator do you want to be? – Analyze and critique your personal negotiation paradigms and recognize how your attitude influences your results.
  • Give them what they want, but on your terms – Learn how to prepare with the HIT list in order to reach your goals
  • Principled negotiating – Recognize the five phases of principled negotiating and how to move effectively through a negotiation.
  • Relationships do count! – Your behavior influences the relationship you have with your counterpart. Are you really aware of the messages you’re sending? Video analysis and group feedback helps cement in the learning skills.
  • Leverage is power in a negotiation – Discover how you can strengthen your position by applying leverage.
  • Communicate convincingly – Tips and tricks for the non-native English speaker along with useful phrases and structures.
  • Negotiation case studies with video feedback enable you to practice the and perfect the skills taught and immediately transfer them to your job.

Methodology: Group discussions, peer and trainer feedback, case studies, video analysis and numerous exercises offer ample learning opportunities to practice and perfect the key points during the three days.

Your benefits from this Seminar: You’ll be able to recognize strengths and weaknesses in your negotiating process. You’ll also recognize the importance of proper relationship building, and you’ll identify your own personal negotiation attitude. All this will lead to better final deals and long-term working relationships. Since the training is in English, you’ll also have plenty of opportunity to think and speak in English.

LENGTH: 3 days (Short version: 2 days), 9:00–17:30

PARTICIPANTS: max. 12 participants

Available in German as well

25-26 April 2019 - WIFI Management Forum, Wien
27-28 November 2019 - WIFI Management Forum, Wien
16-17 April 2020 - WIFI Management Forum, Wien

What kind of negotiator do you want to be?

Change your approach and you'll change your

Charlie LaFond